About Larny Mack Photography

In a world of fast food, instant messaging, and overnight freight, we slow down to determine exactly what you want, expect, and need. Creating images that communicate your message is our number one goal. We produce images that showcase your work, not ours. In short, "We do whatever it takes" to create your market media.

Larny is well known throughout Southern California as an accomplished professional photographer. His clients have included actors, celebrities, models, Fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies, marketing groups, design agencies, talent agencies and start-up companies. While he resides in San Diego, he services clients nationwide. It's not uncommon for Larny to be booked on opposite ends of the country in the same week.

Larny Mack Photography has produced quality images for product marketing since 1966. Services include studio and/or on-site photography specializing in interior architectural photography, exterior architectural photography, product photography, commercial photography, industrial photography, and catalog photography in the San Diego County and Orange County area.

Quick Bio

Larny Mack began his photographic career in 1966 at age 13 when he photographed a local “Battle of the Bands”. After the bands started ordering prints, Larny realized photography was his calling. Larny studied photography under his father, a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography, and famed photographer Danny Lamb. Most importantly, Larny realized early on that the most important aspect of any business is the relationship with the clients. Delivering what the client wants, when they want it, became his overriding mantra.

The quality of Larny Mack’s photography speaks for itself, but his ability to communicate the client’s story in a photograph, as well as the service he brings to his clients, puts him above his competitors. When approached by a new client, Larny looks at the message they want to communicate, what their long term goals are, and how imagery will play a roll. You may find a better technician, but you will never find better service than Larny Mack Photography.


Larny Mack Photography's 3000 square foot studio footprint encompasses a 1500 square foot shooting area with a 25 foot cove. Located in historic downtown Oceanside just three blocks from the beach and the I-5 freeway, Larny's studio is easy to access and inspiring to visit. He has separate dressing rooms, reception area, offices, conference & image projection room, and graphics department. He is equipped to handle all digital photo enhancement and retouching needs.